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In South Africa, archaeologists found the abandoned city

В Южной Африке археологи отыскали заброшенный городIt left about two centuries ago.

In South Africa archaeologists have unearthed a large settlement where there were hundreds of houses, trade routes and marketplaces. This town called Kweneng was abandoned about two centuries ago.

The city was the capital of the nation Tswana and had a population of more than 10 thousand people.

“We know very little about pre-colonial period in South African history, since we have no written sources, said archaeologist from the University of the Witwatersrand fern Imbali Sixway.

Showering laser pulses the Western slopes of the hills Suikerbosrand near Johannesburg, the researchers were able to distinguish under the cover of dense vegetation, traces of the ancient city.

В Южной Африке археологи отыскали заброшенный город

The settlement was located on the area of 20 sq km and flourished in the period from XV to XIX century. The whole town was crossed by stone walls that are similar in the way of moving cattle to the marketplaces.

According to historians, as in the case with other cities nomadic pastoralists peoples Tswana, this city was abandoned as a result of tribal conflict. It is known that the conflict occurred shortly before the arrival of the Dutch colonists.

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