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In some parts of the aircraft accumulates the most dirt

В каких уголках самолета скапливается больше всего грязиFrom which places when you travel is better to stay away.

According to a recent study, the dirtiest places on the plane named the headrest and seat pocket. About it writes the Daily Star.

The company Marketplace initiated a check of two dozen flights on the route Ottawa – montréal to find out which parts of the aircraft passenger expects the largest number of germs and bacteria.

The most polluted place on Board were of the headrest. In conclusion, the microbiologists say that in this area found high levels of bacteria, yeast and mold that can cause serious infection. Special surprise of the scientists was the fact that the headrests discovered a type of bacteria found in the intestines of humans and animals.

No less dirty was the seat pockets. It also threatens severe food poisoning and infection. Classic symptoms of such diseases biologists called stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea that can last up to 7 days. Interestingly, the crew members confirm the words of scientists. Flight attendants flight Ottawa – Montreal reported that in pockets often find used diapers, wrappers from food, and even tampons.

Marketplace said headrests and pockets of seats were dirtier than those things on Board, like a seat belt, a table and a toilet paper holder in the bathroom.

In February, a similar study was conducted at multiple American airlines and three major U.S. airports. The dirtiest place on the plane was the flush button in the toilet where microbiologists have discovered more than 95 000 germs. For comparison, on their kitchen counter 361, and on the handle of the toilet in an apartment about 30. Next on the list of most polluted zones are the seat of the passenger seat and buckle seat belt in the passenger seat.

The dirtiest places at airports is considered as the screens of terminals for self check-in, the armrests of the seats in the waiting rooms and buttons fountains for water.

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