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In some districts of Kiev more often Rob and kill

В каких районах Киева чаще грабят и убиваютKiev has repeatedly recognized as the most criminal city in Ukraine. The number of thefts, robberies and fraud cases in the city just rolls over. The unenviable place of the capital of Ukraine occupies in the world rankings. So, Kiev has traditionally appeared in the rankings of the most criminal cities in the world. This year it is located 130 the place of the list compiled by Numbeo service.

At the same time representatives of law enforcement bodies calm. So, earlier the Deputy chief of the National police in Kiev, Viktor Nechytailo said that the situation with crime control. Moreover, in 2018, the crime rate decreased by 8% (compared to 2017). Journalists decided to look into this situation and find out which areas of the capital’s most dangerous, and where you can walk, stopped to look around. Created a detailed infographic that will allow you to get to understand this question. It can be seen below.

According to according to the police, in 2018, there have been more than 25 thousand thefts. Thus, in 2017, there were almost six thousand more. Also recorded more than 2.5 thousand robberies (in 2017 – almost 4 thousand) 5 thousand fraud cases (6.8 per thousand), more than a thousand thefts (1.5 thousand). Over the year there have been 96 homicides and 11 abuse. In 2017 these figures were higher: 117 homicides and 12 abuse. On an average day the law enforcement agencies of Kiev recorded 175 crimes.

В каких районах Киева чаще грабят и убивают

How is the situation in different districts of Kiev? Considered to be troieschyna most disadvantaged residential area of the city. However, according to the statistics, the situation has changed dramatically. So, the number of thefts in the area Desnyanskiy decreased by almost half. Less steel and Rob, steal cars. The only thing “distinguished” district – the number of homicides. This figure increased slightly.

Not comforting information awaits residents of Solomenskiy district. The number of thefts on the streets of the district increased by nearly a thousand. In the area intensified crooks, bullies and takers. Became more and assaults. To explain this sad statistics is the presence of two stations and a large population density. If we talk about fraud and car theft, in these categories leads Shevchenko and Darnitskiy areas, respectively.

In General we can say that Kiev for 2018 has become safer. Grows only one category of crimes – bribery. Not surprising at all that the worst situation in the Podolsk district. During the year the number of corrupt officials caught “on hot” has increased three times.

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