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In some cases, it is time to schedule an appointment with the optometrist

В каких случаях пора записываться на прием к окулистуDoctors spoke about the problems with vision that should make a person an appointment to the ophthalmologist.

Ophthalmologists argue that screening all people need not only when they have reduced vision and they began to notice that far or close to stopped to see. It turns out that there are a few reasons that should make a person to consult an ophthalmologist for help, but they are little-known.

When you need to check your eyes?

Here the medical opinion differ, but not significantly. In most views, to check your eyes at least once a year should people over 40, but not less than once in two years, because at this age the risk of developing various diseases and health deterioration increases.

Young people from 20 to 30 years to once every 3-5 years to visit an ophthalmologist even if vision problems are not.

Preschoolers and schoolchildren, and adults, to examine the eyes every 1-2 years. This is because this category of people more than others are prone to eye strain from reading books and commitment to the games.

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In the case when a person, regardless of age, have vision problems or previously diagnosed eye disease, then you need to consult an optometrist consistently, so that in time to prevent a relapse of the disease or a sharp decline in vision.

What symptoms should make a person immediately go to the reception to the ophthalmologist?

Swollen eyelids. This is one of the first signs of myasthenia gravis, can join pain in the muscles and difficulty in the process of chewing and swallowing food.

Redness of the eyes. Therefore, it may appear trivial allergic or infectious conjunctivitis, but it can also be a symptom and multiple sclerosis and arthritis, and even lupus.

Dots or lines before your eyes. Usually, these spots appear in the process of human aging and they do not carry any danger, but if you are young and in front of your eyes constantly floating lines and dots, it could be a symptom of diabetes, so the examination will not hurt.

The appearance of a white or gray “rings” on the cornea. In the elderly, this phenomenon can be observed, without fearing for their health and eyesight, but the young people under 40 years of this symptom tells about the overabundance of cholesterol in the blood.

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Eyes were bulging. Hyperactive thyroid contributes to the development of graves disease, when the muscle tension causes the eyes to move forward. Often, this symptom is by itself if balanced thyroid function. But there are severe cases that require intervention by ophthalmologists and oncologists.

If these symptoms bother you is not the first day, then it may be dangerous to view the postponement of the visit to the optometrist. Moreover, the first five of these symptoms are normal if there is excessive swelling, nervousness and fatigue. But when a man observes them daily, then it could be one of the diseases.

Do not wait for tomorrow or another day visit to the optometrist, because to recover the lost vision will be not so easy if you spent your precious time.

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