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In Snapchat became available the game with unusual control

В Snapchat стала доступна игра с необычным управлениемIn the mobile app Snapchat there is a new game that allows you to control the character with your face.

The project is called Santa’s Helper, which translated into Russian language means “Santa’s Helper”.

This information appeared on the website TechCrunch. The main character of the game is the elf with the face of the user. He should run through the winter the forest paths and gather different surprises and gifts. In his way will be many obstacles in the form of a variety of rabbits. Creatures try to stop the elf, but he will face detractors. To control a fabulous hero must use his own face.

Turning his head in different directions, the user thus will be able to direct the movements of the elf. Behind the eyes of the player has a view of the camcorder, depending on the changes in eye position will change the path of the character, Santa’s Helper.

A programmer working on an app for Snapchat say that this game they’ve created as a new year gift to users. However, further development of the Santa’s Helper they do not plan to.

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