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In Smolensk the police checked the phones of passers-by to the presence of the messenger “Telegram.”

В Смоленске полицейские проверяют телефоны прохожих на наличие мессенджера «Телеграм»

“A normal person by Telegram will not be used”

In Smolensk, walking in the parks residents began to check on the availability of its phones popular messenger

Amazing stories told to us by several readers who want to spend their leisure time at the weekend in Radomska Park. For peacefully walking citizens came on duty guards and asked to show documents, and phone… for “Telegram”. Fortunately for our subscribers, one of which, incidentally, was a girl, they used to follow us in Vkontakte, and personal correspondence to use “Viber” because the police did not find in their smartphones brainchild of Pavel Durov, bowed, and dismissed them with the world.

To the question why you need to check is the “Telegram,” the guards explained to the Smolensk residents that the city-hero, they are mostly drug addicts and zakladki — professionals earning a living that are laid out bags of “spice” to secluded corners of the city. It is often in city parks, in particular, in Radomska. Moreover, the drug addicts and drug dealers too lazy to remove the chat, discussing the whereabouts of dangerous assumptions. Militiamen, having a phone with such a chat in “the Telegram”, immediately have the evidence base on the person. On the same principle, the police figure among the crowd of suspicious items — if the person, who asked to see “Telegram” on the phone, gets nervous, so he has something to hide.

Note that for residents of the capital, especially for Muscovites, working in the PR field and in the field of journalism, this interest in “the Telegram” police to be suspicious. But the reality is that outside Moscow disgraced the messenger was not able to find a real audience outside of two narrow niches — drug and media people. And those and others, in fact, use the messenger on duty — but for certain if this search for insights and information, for others it is a way to make or find a new dose. In the province of a normal person to use the telegram will not believe in the police, and in some ways they are right. As told to us our source in law enforcement bodies, only one in Smolensk in such a simple way of checking for “messenger for junkies” managed to detain a few careless zakladiv, forgetting to brush secret chats.

As to the problem of drug trafficking across the bookmark, the location information which is distributed through anonymous chats, it has long been assumed alarming proportions in our country. The problem of suspicious people, something burrowing under a Bush, faced literally the inhabitant of every house in our country. Sometimes the “drug plunderers of tombs” represent a large group, literally combing every inch of the territory in which possible hidden drugs.

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