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In smartphones will improve the accuracy of GPS

В смартфонах улучшится точность работы GPSFor this Broadcom is developing advanced GNSS chip.

The company Broadcom announced the development of advanced GNSS chip that promises to bring a qualitatively new level of precision satellite navigation in mobile devices.

The product received the designation BCM47755. It is argued that this decision will allow to determine the location of gadgets with an accuracy of 30 cm For comparison: conventional smartphones, phablets and other portable devices are able to calculate the position with accuracy of 3-5 meters. Thus, with the advent of chip BCM47755 precision in order to grow.

Such a significant improvement of the characteristics was achieved through the use of signals at two frequencies. All GPS satellites transmit the signal L1, which contains information about the position of a spacecraft, time and ID. This signal is used conventional navigation receivers when calculating the coordinates.

New Broadcom chip in addition to the signal L1 can take the more difficult L5 signal at a different frequency. The decision BCM47755 first determines the position according to the signal L1, and then specify the coordinates through L5. As a result, providing precision within 30 cm.
The use of two signals provides other benefits. In particular, increases stability in the conditions of dense urban development. In addition, compared with the products of the previous generation by 50 % reduced power consumption.

The chip contains an ARM Cortex-M4F (CM4) and ARM Cortex-M0 (CM0). Production rate — 28 nanometers. Enables concurrent reception of GPS signals L1 C/A, GLONASS L1, BeiDou (BDS) B1, QZSS L1, Galileo (GAL) E1, GPS L5, Galileo E5a, QZSS L5.

Chip BCM47755 will be the first product for the mass consumer market with the support of the signals L1 and L5. Smartphones with this decision will appear in 2018.

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