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In smartphones discovered a hidden setting that increases operation time

В смартфонах обнаружена скрытая настройка, повышающая время работыEvery year Google adds to the Android operating system the variety of settings and functions, many of which are hidden from ordinary users.

This is done on purpose, but with good intentions. The American Corporation believes that if an inexperienced owner of a cheap Android smartphone accidentally activates certain important settings, the device may begin to run slower or much faster discharge, so right out of the box all smartphones running Google’s have only activated the basic functionality, but it is very easy to fix.

At least every year all the smartphone and work longer on a single battery charge, largely due to better quality optimization under hardware, but a hidden setting in all Android smartphones significantly increases the battery life from the battery and to activate it can absolutely anyone, as it definitely is, in any custom firmware and all mobile devices.

All smartphones based on operating system Android have an incredibly large reserve capacity, which is simply excessive for simple, everyday screen. It’s like driving a car, sometimes pushing the gas to the floor, and then again slowing down. In the case of the faster smartphones out no fuel and battery charge. In order to increase the battery life of mobile devices you need to run “Configure” then go to “Battery”.

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In the section “Battery” in the upper right corner should be visible three vertically arranged dots, which is required to press. In the menu that appears you will need to select “power saving Mode”, and then activate it. As a result, the processor performance will be reduced, which will allow up to 50% to increase the battery life on one battery charge. This feature in all smartphones and tablets running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

To achieve an even greater effect edition recommends to install the application “Doze-saving”, which significantly increases the battery life of all Android smartphones, since charging a lot of “eat” processes running in the background that the user doesn’t even see. After installing it in the list you need to choose only those programs and services that need to continue normal operation. You should choose the most basic messengers, email clients and other basic programs that should receive notifications in real time, not delayed.

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This program works in such a way that all the processes that run in the background and consuming battery power, automatically frozen. It’s not causing them or stored in them data any harm, but using this app to significantly increase battery, battery life up to 40% of the standard. This is especially noticeable at night, when this smartphone battery will run out at 10-12%, but only by 5-6%.

В смартфонах обнаружена скрытая настройка, повышающая время работы
В смартфонах обнаружена скрытая настройка, повышающая время работы

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