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In Slovakia found unusual hats

В Словакии нашли необычные шлемыOpen helmets from the bronze age rare not only in Slovakia but throughout Europe.

The Museum of East Slovakia in košice presented two unique bronze helmet that was found in 2017, near the village of Trgoviste.

The man, who at the time of picking mushrooms stumbled on hats, kept them at home for several months, and recently decided to give the find to the Museum.

“It’s a precious discovery consists of two bronze helmets. There were also two pair of protective cheek cushions and two coiled safety devices,” said Roger Polak, Director of the Museum.

Interestingly, the author finds decided to remain anonymous, but gave archaeologists the place where they found the helmets. The value of the findings is estimated at € 60,000, it is now property of the state.

Open helmets from the bronze age rare not only in Slovakia but throughout Europe. Hats from Trgoviste made in West European style of two bronze plates. The decorated side is connected to the Central brush, which has a hole for attaching a decorative plume. The other holes on the sides and at the bottom served to attach the protection of the cheeks.

The origin of the hats, Trgoviste remains unclear. Probably they were sold to the elite of local society – the military chiefs. Helmets were used and repaired. They were more of a status symbol carrier, the symbol of his position and power, than protective equipment.

Similar helmets were found in other cities of Slovakia, but they were made from only one sheet of bronze.

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