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In Siberia discovered a unique tomb

В Сибири обнаружили уникальную гробницуArchaeologists during excavations in Siberia an ancient tomb with the remains of the horse.

In Siberia, on the territory of the Republic of Soha, Russian archaeologists have discovered an ancient tomb of a horse. 3.5 thousand years – the age of the finds, scientists say.

Their discovery, archaeologists discovered at a depth of several meters. Six-foot coffin, which originally buried the horse, almost rotted in a long time, but here the mummified body of the horse has been well preserved.

Scientists pay attention that the animal was buried with the observance of certain traditions and rituals, which may indicate the divine attitude on the part of ancient people.

In the tomb were found the bridle and the metal plates that were used as horseshoes. In addition, in the burial together with the horse was found a metal vessel and frescoes with inscriptions that researchers have yet to decipher. Maybe then scientists will understand why this animal was given such attention. While they believe that the tomb is made by the hands of kochevnikov for whom the horse was the assistant, the nurse and faithful fighting each other.

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