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In September, the Russian will be released anthology “the Lost letter”

Publisher “a” has announced a new anthology series “The Best Of. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery”, where previously published two volumes of “the Vampire archives”, “the Children of PoE” and “Darkness”. Queue the”Lost emails” (Dead Letters) from the originator Conrad Williams. Even in the West, it is relative fresh (2016), so the domestic reader is waiting for the full exclusive: no work not previously translated into Russian.

Official abstract:

We are all faced with the lost letters and lost in postal Purgatory parcels, which will never find its recipient. Love to read, and modest gifts will disappear. There’s nothing we can do about it but to get into the Department of Lost letters and to hear the stories that whisper to us of the master of the literature of horror, Thriller and fantasy. Exclusive stories of weird new leader of China Mieville, Queen of intellectual fiction Joanne Harris, a classic of horror Ramsey Campbell, Adam Neville, Michael Marshall Smith and others.

Full contents as follows:

  • Conrad Williams. Preface
  • Stephen Hall is a “Green letter”
  • Michael Marshall Smith “Your turn”
  • Joanne Harris “In memory of”
  • Alison Moore “Abroad”
  • Christopher Fowler “Future miracles”
  • Pat Cadigan “Ecotage”
  • Ramsey Campbell “Not a game”
  • Claire Dean “OROW”
  • By Andrew lane “buyer’s Remorse”
  • Muriel gray’s “the Addressee has left”
  • Nina Allan’s “Wayward”
  • Adam Neville, “the Days of our lives”
  • Lisa Tuttle “the Hotel hungry”
  • Nicholas Royl “Л0НД0Н”
  • Angela Slatter “How to manage change”
  • China Mieville, Maria Dahvana Hadley “Leg burn”
  • Kirsten Kaschak “And we, the everlasting audiences everywhere”

Of course, first attract the attention of new stories Neville and Campbell (for the series “Masters of horror” about those two we are reminded regularly), but we should also note Smith with Fowler, as well as China of Mieville. In General, the author’s the good part, worth waiting for genre diversity.

The book should be on sale sometime in late September. 400 pages, stylish cover with Cthulhu from Olga zachys, nominated for the British Fantasy Award 2017 in the chest of prizes. Wait.

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