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In SEARCH of DARKNESS and the spirit of the 80s (TEASER TRAILER)

Enthusiasts-the creators of the documentary film In Search of Darkness are going to introduce a large-scale study of horror cinema in 1980s. Moreover, according to the hints in the video, the documentary will affect not only horror, but also, perhaps, try to explain the background of the key topics in the genre of the period.

Here is how the authors themselves describe their project:

The 1980s burst onto our screens with the real celebration of blood, sweat and chills. Madmen, maniacs and evil spirits mingled with aliens, demons and the damned dolls, and the horrific images were vigilis right in the eye and forever etched in our brains.
For the first time in the history of horror “In search of darkness” will bring together all the icons of the 80s, all the great horror movies of all the stars of YouTube and social media to remove the most complete retrospective ever produced in the documentary genre. Together they will share their unique points of view, and we’ll have a nostalgic trip back in time to see the unforgettable characters, monsters, and movies that have brought us delight and threw in a cold sweat.

Of course, to implement such Napoleonic plans need some funds, and as usual, there for help to come Kickstarter. The authors of the documentary promise soon to run there company.

Well, as long as we have this wonderful stylish teaser trailer and not less wonderful and stylish poster.

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