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In Scotland tested the car on fuel from whiskey

В Шотландии опробовали авто на топливе из виски Alcoholic drink can easily notice ordinary fuel.

Scottish startup Celtic Renewables has begun testing a car that is fueled by biofuels made from waste products of whiskey.

The company said that this is the first car in the world dressed in this type of biofuel, reports BBC News.

The first trip of the machines has already taken place and was successful.

Butanol is considered to be the closest replacement for gasoline because its energy close to the energy of gasoline. Since 2007 in the UK butanolate biofuel is sold as a Supplement to normal fuel. In tests carried out by Scottish company Celtic Renewables, the car is fully fuelled with biobutanol.

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What kind of car takes part in the tests is not specified. He tucked the butanol obtained by fermentation of bottom residue and a heavy waste of whiskey production.

On approval of a Scottish company, its biobutanol can be used as a direct replacement of conventional hydrocarbon fuels. The startup believes that the production of such biofuels in Scotland will be possible to organize in large volumes, and its cost will be relatively low (how much it will cost per liter of fuel in large-scale production, not specified).

In Scotland in the production of whiskey annually produces more than 750 tons of bottom residues and two billion liters of stillage. Celtic Renewables plans to enter into agreements with manufacturers of whiskey on shipments of waste production. The startup also already received from the authorities of Scotland a grant of £ 200 million ($11.6 million) for the construction of a factory demonstrator.

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The new plant will be built in the Scottish Greengate until the end of 2018. It will be deployed pilot production of butanol from waste products of whiskey. If this experiment is successful, production capacity will expand.

In addition, Scotland can build several enterprises for the production of biobutanol.

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