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In Scotland invented an unusual way of typing

В Шотландии изобрели необычный способ набора текстаHow often the modern man is gathering texts for his numerous gadgets?

It is difficult to calculate how much time we lose every day to answer messages to friends and family, comment on news Network to drive search queries and much, much more. Basic ways of text input there are not many, but they all have one reason or another are popular among users of gadgets. But scientists from Scotland have come up with another typing method, which may seem somewhat unusual.

The staff of the Scottish St. Andrews University, has described his invention of SWiM that you can decipher as Shape Writing in Motion (“letter forms in movement” — eng.). Agree, when you have a huge phablet or tablet to type on it the text of one, and sometimes two hands is not very convenient. And as soon as manufacturers tried to solve this problem: smash the keyboard into two parts for each hand, he tried to reduce it, so you can keep your free hand on the handrail in the subway, and so on. But the perfect, and most importantly — versatile solutions still do not exist.

The Scots offered a very unusual way of typing, which can make life easier for owners of the giant gadgets, tiny devices. No need to press the screen buttons and can not be afraid, that hurts palm unnecessary letter. The user just need tilt the device to move the cursor letter by letter on a virtual keyboard. It may seem that it is not so convenient, but in fact the system has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness. Even inexperienced users after a half hour of practice gained 32 words per minute and continued to increase typing speed.

SWiM can fit in with gadgets such as smart watches and phablets with large screens. If you wish to adapt the system under virtual reality, believe the developers. Something like we’ve seen on a gaming console Sony PlayStation 4. In order not to waste time by moving the cursor with the analog stick, the developers of Japan allowed the user to move the cursor using the gyroscope and accelerometer. I must say that the speed of this increases many times.

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