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In Scotland, archeologists found unique artifacts

В Шотландии археологи обнаружили уникальные артефактыScientists have discovered hunting at the age of 6 thousand years

Ancient artifacts have been found on the Black Isle – the place of settlement of the late Mesolithic.

The Parking lot was empty when I raised the water level in the sea and the settlement was flooded. Archaeologists have discovered this place two large spears and spear, used by ancient people to hunt seals and whales that abound in the local waters. Hunting tools were made from antlers of red deer, their alleged age – 6 thousand years. This expedition is part of a 3-year archaeological program conducted by the Northern society of archaeology Scotland for exploring the Black Isle. Experts have found that people of the stone age, except for hunting, was hunting and gathering the bark and roots of local trees was good to eat.

Dr. Eric Grant says that this discovery has expanded the understanding of the Mesolithic in Scotland. Other finds confirmed the estimated age of the artifacts are fossilized fragments of elm and wild Apple trees dated between 4231 and a 3880 BC. Similar results showed the bones of cows, Dating to about this period.

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