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In school textbooks found a photo of a Ghost

В школьном учебнике нашли фотографию призрака Strange picture found on the pages of Moldovan textbook.

A resident of the Moldovan capital Nikolay Kostyrkin considered a school textbook on the subject “learning the world” for the fourth class and found something strange on one of the pages of this educational book.

Kishinevets says that there was a printed photo of a boy and girl playing chess. Seemingly unremarkable picture, isn’t it? However, the attention of men chained one strange detail that many people can even be regarded as something mystical.

Behind the two children described the frame visible is another child, however he looks, to put it mildly, strange. Vague pale figure of a boy with shaggy hair stood in the background like a Ghost. The mysterious child’s opened mouth and visible long, thin fingers, and his eyes resemble dark hollows on the face.

The boy, apparently wearing a striped outfit, however, some very impressionable (and probably have a good imagination) users of the world wide web claim that it is the bare chest. Direct a scene from a horror movie, isn’t it?

However, skeptics find a mysterious photo of a simple explanation. They believe that the reason is long exposure photography or print defect, and maybe both. Thus, according to the doubters, it was a normal live baby that was just a bad show in the picture.

It remains unclear in this case how such poor quality photos in the textbooks? However, if there is really a mystique involved, the boy Ghost could appear in the photo much later, when the textbook has already been put into the set, and even after the publication of the book…

В школьном учебнике нашли фотографию призрака

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