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In Saudi Arabia the only bee broke the world record

В Саудовской Аравии единственная пчела сорвала мировой рекордSo bad.

Only the Queen bee prevented the beekeeper of Zuhair Fatany from the city of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia to enter the world Guinness book of records on 11 September.

The man intended to put on 20 thousand drones – their weight would be 100 kg. For this placed on his body, several dozen Queens.They should bydi to attract males. But one of them flew away. Because of this, Sahwira’t set the required number of bees.

Fatani tried to set a record for the second time. Last year he stood there for 1.5 hours. covered with thousands of insects, but also failed.

The man keeps bees 30 years. During this time, developed an immunity to their poison, says. Wants to break the record Chinese name Ruan Liangming. He gathered to himself of 63.7 kg of bees.

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