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In Samara, the gays were banned for life donate blood

В Самаре геям пожизненно запретили сдавать донорскую кровь

“Discrimination in its purest form”


The Samara regional station of blood transfusion were banned for life to donate blood homosexuals, reported on its website. The attention this draws the edition of “Another city.”

The message on the ban of homosexuals to be blood donors recorded in the section “contraindications”: “Absolute restriction from blood donation if you have: infectious diseases (AIDS, carriers of HIV) and persons concerning group of risk (homosexuals, drug addicts, prostitutes)”.

The request for publication, the Deputy Director on medical part of regional station of blood transfusion Elena Kudinova told that the clinic is “base persons,” life taken away from organ donation: “Where are data coming from specialized medical institutions and dispensaries. Each potential donor <…> is verified on the basis of the presence of at risk or carriers of the disease, which is an absolute contraindication to blood donation”.

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According to Kudinova, Samara station of blood transfusion is guided by the order of the Federal Ministry of health. “If the examination of the donor <…> there is a suspicion on the behaviour leading to the risk of Contracting infectious diseases transmitted by blood, the donor must be allocated from the donation”.

Kudinov also refers to the resolution of the Chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation, which stated: homosexuals can not donate blood, because supposedly located in the main group vulnerable to HIV infection.

Zapredsedatelya Samara LGBT movement AVERS, Irina (the name she asked not to reveal) admitted that for more than 10 years to donate blood: “I was extremely surprised to see on the service site contraindications for donors concerning homosexuals. Only hope that this is some ridiculous mistake of the administration of the blood service, because of legal restrictions on blood donation by high risk groups is long gone. A lot of our guys regularly donate blood regularly to save lives of residents and the residents of the city, and, let’s be honest, the staff of the blood service is extremely delicate and never ask about the personal lives of donors. With regard to the information on the website — it is definitely worth to change, because it is discrimination in its purest form.”

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In regional station of blood transfusion have not explained how to determine from potential donors who are homosexual and who is not. As pointed out by Elena Kudinova, the final decision on admission is made by the doctor-transfuziolog: “All issues are discussed during the interview a therapist and a donor for a therapeutic examination.”

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