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In Salisbury tried to steal the Magna Carta

В Солсбери пытались украсть Великую хартию вольностейThe man tried to Rob the Cathedral in Salisbury.

Police in Wiltshire have arrested a man who tried to Rob the Cathedral in Salisbury. 45-year-old man suspected of attempting to steal a copy of the Magna Carta. According to police, he tried to break the glass box in which the document is stored in 1215. The man, in addition to robbery, charged with possession of weapons and damaging property.

The incident occurred on October 25. The Charter was not injured. The motives of the attacker are not reported.

Magna Carta – a document drawn up in June 1215, on the basis of the demands of the nobles to the king John of England and defending a number of legal rights and privileges of the free population of medieval England. The Charter consists of 63 articles, regulating issues of taxes, levies and feudal duties, the judicial system and legal proceedings, the rights of the Church, cities and merchants, the right of inheritance and guardianship. Some articles of the Charter limiting Royal authority: created a General Council of the Kingdom and the Committee of 25 barons, who were granted the authority to take actions forced the king to restore the violated rights.

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