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In Russian will be released another book Gerald Brom

Famous artist Gerald Brom (or Bromine) to resemble a famous writer. At least in the market of Russian literature. Holding his book publisher AST has already pulled us a lot of money and to stop there plans. Announced another novelty.

The spring series is “Dark fantasy Gerald Brom” replenished illustrated novel “rose of the Devil” (The Devil’s Rose). Yes, it’s not just a book with a couple of pictures, and almost artbook. I mean few pages and many illustrations, the focus should be primarily on the format of “Vyrivska”.

Official abstract:

In continuation of the traditions established by Brom in his first illustrated novel “Vyrivska”, the sign “rose of the Devil”, is complemented by a bright, mesmerizing illustrations, takes us to a noisy, dizzying race from the Underworld to the living world and back.
The way of the sinner is littered with pain, sorrow and regrets. And best of all it knows is the one who uses that road every day — Cole McGee, a once proud Texas Ranger, now doomed to hunt fugitives from Hell on the plains of the living and the dead. But tonight, Cole looks like lucky: someone managed to escape from the deepest depths of the Underworld. Hell wants to return the fugitive at any cost, and for his capture of the hunter promised absolution. It would seem that the deal is not bad, but, overtaking the victim, Cole begins to understand that from deals with the Devil it’s not good…

Selling “rose of the Devil” should appear roughly in March.

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