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In Russian published a documentary book about the first American serial killer

Publishing house “the Grandmaster”, part of the holding “Yandex”has prepared a gift under the Christmas tree for all fans of the theme of maniacs and serial killers. From the printing house published a book about the infamous Henry Howard Holmes, who remained in history as the first officially registered in the USA “keygen”. His murder occurred at the end of the XIX century, and still nobody can give an exact number of the victims of Holmes. Moreover, the numbers range from a couple dozen to a couple hundred.

The book is called “the Devil in the White city. The story of serial killer Holmes”. This non-fiction work authored by Erik Larson, which received a lot of awards – including the prize of the International Guild of Horror. In the original “The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America” came out in 2003, and finally the owner got to us.

Official abstract:

This is a classic documentary Thriller about the first American serial killer, operating under the pseudonym… Holmes.
Dr. Holmes created their grim business in the late 19th century, in Chicago, where the universal exhibition of 1893 he erected his sinister hotel (people called him “castle”) with a maze of rooms and no Windows. Later inspection of the basement of this house shocked even experienced police officers and cynical reporters: a personal crematorium, table for vivisection, a lot of instruments of torture and the remains of dozens of missing hikers…
Holmes was so cunning that only an accident led detectives on his trail. How did the police managed to find the maniac, recognized as first in U.S. history, a serial killer and what horrible secrets does his past?
This book is a thrilling journey in a cold and twisted world of a sociopath.

“Activity” Holmes could not be reflected in mass culture: in one form or another assassin appeared (or was mentioned) in the TV series “American horror story”, “Supernatural” and “Sherlock”. In 2011, we reported that the book was going to film, and the main role is going to play Leonardo DiCaprio. Since specifically the project will not progress, but seemingly not buried. At least in kinobesuch he’s still listed. Moreover – it is Director Martin Scorsese.

Well, literary “the Devil in the White city” is already on sale and available on most bookselling sites. The circulation was 2000 copies. We offer to your attention the introductory fragment.

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