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In Russian appeared the second book of the series Justin Cronin’s “Rebirth”

The end of the world was only the beginning.

For the first time with this history the reader became acquainted in 2012, when “Astral” his novel of “Rebirth” (The Passage) authored by Justin Cronin. Later came news about the upcoming film adaptation in the series, and the book was republished in “penguin”. And now came the sequel.

The second book of the series called “the Twelve” (The Twelve), and if you believe the reviews, it is even better than the original. She also received the award “Goodreads” in the category “Best horror novel” and became a bestseller the New York Times.

Official abstract:

Here is the second part of the trilogy, Justin Cronin’s “Rebirth”.
A hundred years have passed since the world was divided. The day belongs to humans, and the night – creepy creatures. People have learned to live with it, to be always on the alert, and some have to serve the enemy.
For your feasts are long gone, and they too need to survive, while humanity will once again thrive. The world again stands on the threshold of change, as the Twelve leave his legions at the mercy of the sun. What motivates them? Where calls the voice of zero?
Peter immortal Amy and other survivors once again destined to join the battle.

Traditionally, just before the novel appeared in the official publisher store. He joined the series “the Horror. Black library”, edition limited to 4000 copies.

We offer to your attention the artwork and informational snippet.

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