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In Russia will start to publish a magazine devoted to weird fiction

A few years ago, when the PDF magazine Darkness was slowly rotting away in the bowels of the domestic community horror fans, it was hard to imagine that horror periodicals have a future. But then “Darkness” was reborn in the online monthly “DARKER”, which smoothly out 2011, organizes the largest Network of genre competition and generally feels great. Then came the printed almanac “Redrum”, and then another one called “Fantomas”. And here on horizon there was a new project.

Magazine “Aconite” is dedicated to “wyrd” (weird fiction), strange and disturbing literature, and Lovecraftian the horror and the Cthulhu Mythos, Gothic novel and the vision, macabre and mystical decadence. In General, all grim and bizarre in the spirit of the famous pulp magazine Weird Tales.

Word editor-in-chief Andrey Borodin:

Estimated frequency – 8 issues per year. Yet that is not on paper, but in electronic format. However, this is only the beginning; in any case, we’ll find something to surprise you in such conditions.
With his appearance we create a space for writers working in weird fiction and neighbouring genres. The magazine is just the beginning. In the future, under the auspices of ID Boroff & Co planned a lot of very interesting sub-projects and activities, including, and specialized competitions.

Well, all this sounds very good. The magazine opened a Facebook group, there will be news about the project. Today we know that the pilot issue is already formed and will be released in late January – early February. In addition, we have some illustrations from the upcoming release from the artist of Catherine Brancolini.

It only remains to wish your colleagues good luck. We will follow the fate of the magazine.

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