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In Russia want to ban unusual names

В России хотят запретить необычные именаIn the Russian state Duma registered a bill prohibiting naming children ridiculous names.

The document in April 2016 have made Senator Valentina Petrenko. It says that the name “cannot consist of digital, lettering, numerals, symbols, or any combination of abbreviations, profanity, indicate the positions”.

The legislator specifies that the wedding ceremony is not always the employees can refuse to register the child’s name due to the discordant, naprasnosti or insulting. It is also noted that parents are not always aware that because of the exotic name, the child may face difficulties.

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The explanatory Memorandum gives examples of unusual names registered in Moscow: Nikolai-Nikita-Neal, Christards, Dolphin, Jaroslav-Lutobor, Luka-Happiness, Summerset ocean, APR, Princess Danielle, dawn-Zagranica, Alesha-Kaprina, Ocean, Sofia-the Sun. Also mentions a story about a boy whose parents for more than 10 years old are not allowed to record under the name BOC RVF 260602 (Biological object of man kind Voronin—frolovs born 26 June 2002).

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At the same time the Committee on state building and the legislation does not exclude that the second reading of the list of “undesirable” names will expand.

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