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In Russia want to ban surrogacy

В России хотят запретить суррогатное материнствоA bill to ban surrogate motherhood arrived in the state Duma.

The authors of the document propose amendments to the laws “On fundamentals of citizens’ health protection in the Russian Federation” and “About acts of civil status” and the Family code.

“Prohibits the use of surrogate motherhood, that is pregnancy and childbirth (including premature birth) under the contract concluded between a surrogate mother (a woman carrying a fetus after transfer of a donor embryo) and prospective parents whose gametes were used for fertilization or a single woman for whom gestation and birth of a child is impossible by medical reasons”, — stated in the text of the bill.

According to the authors, the ban is to enter as long as Russia will not bring an integrated approach to the institution of surrogate motherhood, which equally protects the rights and interests of children, surrogate mothers and potential parents.

The idea of a complete ban of surrogacy previously criticized in the Public chamber. Member of the Commission for the support of families, children and maternity Yulia zimova believes that these measures will put people who are unable to have a baby alone, in a hopeless situation.

“We have it (surrogacy edition) there and it always will be. It’s like abortion, it should just settle… If he (the author of the bill — ed.) believes this mechanism is imperfect, it is necessary to prescribe, to lay, on the contrary, regulation of this mechanism is that it was most open, to as carefully and correctly,” said zimova.

Now the services of surrogate motherhood are executed by a civil contract, which does not guarantee the strict implementation of the rights and obligations of the parties. Biological parents can take the newborn with the consent of the surrogate mother, which often leads to scandals.

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