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In Russia told how much spent on the military operation in Syria

В России рассказали, сколько потратили на военную операцию в Сирии Calculations conducted by the party “Yabloko”.

For military action in Syria from the Russian budget were spent about 140 billion rubles (about 60 billion). Such calculations was conducted by the party “Yabloko”.

According to estimates, most funds were spent on air strikes by Russian aircraft.

“Sorties of the Russian air force in Syria has cost the budget from 90 billion to 117 billion rubles, as the military was called a different number of missions. The cost of a flight depends on its range: at close range it will cost 3.5 million rubles (these sorties do in 80% of cases), in the medium and long – 5.5 million rubles (the share of departures – about 20%). From 3.5 billion to 6.3 billion RUB spent on the 71 launches of cruise missiles of the “Caliber”. Expert assessment of the cost of one missile – from 750 thousand to 1.5 million dollars,” – says the article.

In addition, the damage from losses of military equipment of the Russians in Syria is estimated at 9.3 to 11.5 billion RUB.

“According to official figures, lost su-24 (shot down by Turkish military), five helicopters – two Mi-8 and two Mi-35 and one Mi-28 (about 4.8 bn), and 11 drones (49 mln). Two aircraft lost deck-based aircraft Navy Russia su-33 and MiG-29 (from 4.5 billion to 6.7 billion rubles) in the campaign of the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, – noted in the study.

We also spent 3.8 billion RUB in the contents of the average three thousand military, and also to pay the families of dead Russian soldiers was allocated 102 million rubles.

Yesterday it was reported that the Russian Federation Council approved on Wednesday at a meeting of the Protocol to the agreement with Syria about the location of the aviation group of the Russian Armed forces on the territory of this country. Now Russia will be able to stay in Syria for 49 years.

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