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In Russia, three drunk guys caused huge damage to the hospital

В России трое пьяных парней нанесли огромный ущерб больницеSiberians have landed on the barrier and caused hospital damage for 90 thousand

Three drunken young men doing acrobatic performance at the entrance to the territory of the children’s hospital of Angarsk in the Irkutsk region. They removed the cameras, the recording was published by the TV channel “AIST”.

The footage shows a group of men dancing around the barrier, including the limbo dance, and photographed. At some point, the design can not withstand hanging on her man and bends under his weight. The company decides to break down the device, unpin it breaks off and carries away in an unknown direction.

The establishment of a damage of 90 thousand roubles. The barrier was repaired by the forces of the workers, at the moment it works. The hospital called the police.

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