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In Russia there was a powerful volcanic eruption. Video

В России произошло мощное извержение вулкана. ВидеоThere was a video of a volcanic eruption in Russia who slept 200 years.

In Russia, the eruption of the volcano, which for 200 years has been inactive.

Eruption of kambalny river occurred in the South of Kamchatka for the first time in the history of observations. There is a possibility of loss of ash ejected to a height of 3-6 km above sea level, in the town of Severo-Kurilsk.

“At the volcano over the previous two days there have been over 200 earthquakes. According to visual data of the cordon Littoral, located 30 km South-West of the kambalny river, Friday at 21:50 GMT (00:50 GMT Saturday) observed ash column height of from 3 to 6 km above sea level. According to satellite data 02:33 GMT (05:33 MSK), at an altitude of 7 km above sea level recorded ash plume length of about 180 km South/South-West direction. The height is taken at the atmospheric profile,” said the Kamchatka branch of the Federal research center in Russia “uniform geophysical service of Russian Academy of Sciences”.

The volcano of the kambalny river located on the South of Kamchatka. Its last eruption may have occurred in the XVIII century. At the summit is the crater of an elongated shape, with a size of 800 by 400 metres, open to the South-West, depth – 150 m. Its name he received from the Cossacks-the pioneers, who called him on the kambalny river, and the river is so named because of the abundance of flounder near the mouth of the sea.

For the kambalny river installed a menacing, orange, colour code of hazard to aviation. The specialists of the branch noted that while the threat to aircraft, but if the wind direction changes, it can affect the safety of international flights. There is a possibility of loss of ash in the town of Severo-Kurilsk Sakhalin region. If such a risk the city’s population will be warned.

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