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In Russia there was a major fire at the plant

В России произошел крупный пожар на заводеIn the building the roof had collapsed.

In the Russian Ryazan there was a major fire at the plant Centrolit, which is engaged in the production fluid for ignition. On Monday, November 12.

The fire was rated number of complexity, reported with reference to the EMERCOM of Russia.

“The fire at the plant in Ryazan has the rank of number 3,” said the source.

Now there are 44 people and 16 units.

From the burning building began to crumble, the roof.

“Partially collapsed roof, to bring down an open flame still failed”, – said the representative of the press service of EMERCOM in the region Dmitry Gavrikov.

Data on victims as a result of the fire there. As reported in the press service of the regional Department of the interior, of residential houses in close proximity to a burning building no.

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