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In Russia there is a village for the blind

В России есть деревня для слепыхWorking at the local factory, where collect medical pipettes and packing of soap bubbles

In Russia there is a village where most residents with vision problems. They were brought there during the Soviet Union. Were given housing and a job. But now the village is dying.

Rusinovo. The village, which is part of the population never saw. Here to live and work were brought the blind from all over Russia.

Immediately on entering the village – signs for drivers. Careful, blind. But for the visually impaired – no facilities. In rusinovo almost anywhere no voice prompts. No pedestrian crossings or at bus stops

Work in a local factory. Large government contracts and tax breaks. Was at the end of the last century. Then it worked with half a Millennium of the blind. Earned by the standards of decent money.

Today the factory is about fifty visually impaired. Work for two thousand in recalculation on the hryvnia. Collect medical pipettes and packing of soap bubbles.

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