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In Russia, the state told about forced charity

В России бюджетники рассказали о принуждении к благотворительностиChechen state employees regularly have to invest in certain projects.

Of employees of budgetary institutions have to participate in raising money for Christmas gifts for children in the framework of the campaign organized by the daughter of Ramzan Kadyrov said Grozny (Grozny, Russia).

The initiator of the action “Give good with Aishat!”, in which children from large families purchased gifts according to their wishes, was the daughter of the head of the Chechen Aishat Kadyrova, head of the Fashion house “Firdaus”.

In the territories of the shopping center “Grand Park”, the hotel “Grozny city” and bakery “Paris” in the center of Grozny, established a Christmas tree, which are placed on the wishes of the children, told the “Caucasian knot”, the representative of the office of head and government of Chechnya. The video, entitled

“In Chechnya is gaining momentum charity event “Give the good with Aishat”,” published December 24, on the YouTube channel chgtrk “Grozny”.

In the video, the officials of various rank, read out from the cards the wishes of the children and demonstrate their gifts. Also, the action was attended by the heads of organizations and institutions, each of which “in a hurry to get the cards”, the tree “postcards”, according to a story on the Republican channel. “Without the ability to fulfill the child’s desire will be no” – said the authors of the report.

The event is held for the second year in a row, and during that time, “thousands of children” received gifts, says the report. Participation in this event is mandatory for managers of all levels, told the “Caucasian knot” employee of one of the departments Salavdi.

“We need to visit one of the trees, where children leave cards with wishes, select a few pieces and then on the means to acquire what is asked children. Here to whom as will carry. Can and for a large sum “to get”, and asking for laptops, and iPhones,” said he.

“Our boss had to buy a laptop, two bicycles and toys,” said the employee of the Department of one of power structures Rizwan. “Head of [Department], like all other leaders, took a few postcards that he had left the children on the tree in the “Grand Park”, I had to take things at their own expense”, – told the “Caucasian knot” Rizwan, adding that the purchase of gifts “chipped in all Department”. The children “are serious”, lamented the head of one of technical secondary educational establishments Mohammed.

“There are wishes to get a computer, and an expensive phone. Depending on the rank [donator] need to take from two to three to 10 postcards. We have [gifts] took more than 100 thousand rubles”, – said the teacher. Chechen state employees regularly have to invest in certain projects, told the “Caucasian knot” the head of one of Chechen NGOs on condition of anonymity.

“The officials on this fork, and entrepreneurs, and government employees. However, talking about it is not accepted,” he said. Earlier in the centre of Surgut, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district of the Russian Federation held a picket of public employees of the city under the slogan “For a worthy salary”.

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