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In Russia, the Nazis dealt harshly with law enforcement

В России нацисты жестко расправились с представителями правопорядкаLaw enforcement officers were victims of circumstances.

In Krasnodar, three men committed an armed attack on the police. Arrested probable participant of firefight, the leader of the Nazi group “pit bull” Wladyslaw Piotr.

The attack happened when the traffic police on a stationary post of the police stopped the car of Toyota Camry, in which sat the driver and two passengers. During check of documents the driver, 21-year-old Nikita Medvedev, hit the policeman’s face, then shot him with an unidentified weapon, wounding the policeman.

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The injured police officer was hospitalized.

As reported, one of the passengers, 25-year-old Dmitry Karachkina, left the car and fled from police. The second passenger, gmyri, too, tried to escape, but was arrested.

Medvedev tried to escape by car. During the chase he continued to shoot. At the traffic lights at the intersection, his car crashed into a car that was in front and Medvedev had left it.

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Medvedev and Karachkina wanted. According to the orientation, they have a weapon and may have resisted arrest.

In fact the attack on the police TFR opened a criminal case under articles 317 (an encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body) and 318 of the criminal code (use of violence against a representative of authorities), the press service of the regional Department of the Ministry.

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