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In Russia, the girl fell into a pit of boiling water

В России девочка провалилась в яму с кипяткомFrom boiling water it was pulled from the friend.

In Barnaul selfie almost ended in tragedy for a 9-year-old schoolgirl who fell into a pit of boiling water, resulting from the break tube. The worst thing in this story is that people passing by did not bother either to help the poor child or to call an ambulance.

Baby after school, went for a walk with a friend around the city. On one of streets of Barnaul there was a breakthrough pipe with hot water out of the pit poured a thick vapor. But instead of trying to hurry away from the scene of the incident, the child decided to make a spectacular self on the edge of the pit like in the movie. At some point, fascinated the girl lost balance and fell directly into the boiling water. Despite the heart-rending cries of a schoolgirl who was literally boiled alive, people calmly walked by, and nobody came to help. As a result of boiling water pulled out of her friend.

One of the passersby helped the victim to stand up, and not called an ambulance.

When the victim was in the hospital, doctors diagnosed her with 20% body burns of the third degree. A very injured left leg. Now her condition is estimated as heavy and the child may need skin grafts to cover the damaged areas.

In addition, the child also burn shock severe. She is now in intensive care. If the girl got out of the water immediately, those consequences could have been avoided, they say.

In turn, the girl’s mother blames the incident on the indifferent passers-by who ignored the child, caught in a serious trouble, and public utilities. Those confident woman, were obliged to put a fence around the place breaking the tube.

Investigative Committee began checking, interview witnesses of the incident.

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