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In Russia, the demand for wearable devices

According to the statistics Coherent, in Russia wild rapidly growing demand for wearable gadgets – smart watches, bracelets and trackers. According to the results of 2018 the demand rose by as much as 200 percent. For all of 2018 in the country sold 2.5 million wearable devices, which in money amounted to 17.2 billion.

In financial terms, the demand increase was 130 percent. The reasons for such explosive popularity is not installed, because the country of all sports are still the most popular is nitrobol. Often, wearable gadgets, buy yourself a older relatives or children – in both cases this will allow you to track their current location and time to help.

The statistics do not reveal who was the leader of the Russian market of wearable devices, but if to assess the state of the world at large, first place is held by Apple with its smart clock Watch. This year, by the way, will be released their fifth generation announcement is expected in September along with new IPhones series XI.

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