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In Russia, the actor died of “jumble”

В России умер актер из "Ералаша"The man died at age 54.

Star of the famous Comedy show has passed away. Relatives have so far refused to name the cause of death.

Nicholas Rumyantsev died at age 54, according to the national news service. He is remembered by the audience due to the comic newsreel “jumble”.

One of the most recognizable episodes of Nikolai was a series about Peter, 1975, the series is called “a Great moment” and you can watch it below. In the story, the boy wants to go to a hockey game, but catches his formidable grandmother with the words: “And potatoes for you who will clean? Pushkin?”. What Peter is adamant: “Pushkin. The dishes Gogol wash. And Leo Tolstoy vacuum”. Returning from the game boy is surprised to find that the authors really do his homework.

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