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In Russia spoke about the “worst result” of retail trade

В России рассказали о «худшем результате» розничной торговли

The dynamics of the organizations of retail trade in Russia in the III quarter of this year showed the worst result over the last two years of observations, follows from the review of the Higher school of Economics (HSE).

As says the Director of the Center for market research HSE George Ostapkovich, “direct confirmation of deteriorating in recent months, the state of the business climate in retail trade is, according to the latest available data from Rosstat, the observed slowdown in the growth of retail turnover from 101,6% in June to 100.8% in August”, according to PRIME.

According to the HSE, in the third quarter, the index of entrepreneurial confidence in retail trade decreased by 4 percentage points to 3%.

Experts point out that “the most significant destabilizing parameter were made by compression of orders for their goods”. A negative impact problem is high rents, and a reduction in the number employed in retail.

Recall that, according to estimates from Rosstat, retail trade turnover in Russia increased in August 2019 0.8% yoy and amounted to 2 trillion 886,3 billion. A month earlier, the growth rate reached 1% in annual terms. Thus, according to the Agency, relative Jul-2019 indicator increased in the reporting period by 3.4%.

Since the beginning of the current year to August the turnover of retail trade increased at an annual rate of 1.5% to 21 trillion 383 billion rubles. For 2018, retail sales in the country increased by 2.8% compared to the previous year (up to 31 trillion 579,4 billion).

Meanwhile, the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation developed the draft of a new Sanitary-epidemiological rules (SanPiN) to shopping objects that implement food and sanitary-epidemiological requirements to catering organizations.

The new SRN “to the food trade and the food service is written in understandable for a broad circle of entrepreneurs form and contain the necessary General hygiene requirements”, announced in August, the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

In his view, “these requirements are clear and achievable.” Manturov also said that the proposals of the Ministry of industry and trade “are, in fact, part of the “regulatory guillotine” — the policy of the state aimed at a reasonable reduction of unwanted and outdated, inefficient control functions”.

As added in the Ministry, many of the existing requirements for the food trade and catering “are outdated and unnecessarily detailed”. A new Sanitary concept suggests that “the entrepreneur has to ensure the cleanliness, hygiene and safety of products (services), but the choice of method of achieving this result must remain at the discretion of the entrepreneur.”

In Russia started a large reform of control and Supervisory activities — the “regulatory guillotine”, whose purpose is to remove obsolete Soviet regulations. The mechanism involves the cancellation of 2021 all business requirements in the field of control and surveillance that have not been updated.

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