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In Russia skyrocketed housing prices

В России взлетели тарифы ЖКХ

In the coming year, the fee for housing services will increase twice — on 1 January and 1 July. Disclosed and information about how grew up in 2018, the utility tariffs.

According to Rosstat, 1 January payment for communal soared 1.7% percent in July of last year. As of 1 July of the current utility tariffs will be increased by 2.4% to date.

Reported and the extent of growth in 2018. So, housing and communal services in Russia grew by 3.7%. Most strongly increased the tariffs for Sewerage, cold and hot water supply (5.7% as, 5% and 4.4%, respectively). Charges for electricity rose by 3.9%, heating — by 3.8%, gas — by 3%.
About the threat of rising utility tariffs at the end of December last year, said the Ministry of construction of Russia. The reason for the possible increase of fees for municipal services in the Department called the project of energy on the introduction of fees consumers for the unused reserve grid capacity. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke in support of the changes.

I wrote “” informed Rosstat identified the regions in which most difficulties with the payment of communal services after the increase in utility tariffs. The most problematic regions in this respect was the region of southern Russia.

The maximum number of debtors on housing and communal services in the Stavropol region (33,8%). Also timely pay for utility services cannot 28.5% of residents of Kabardino-Balkaria, 25% — Chuvash Republic and Tuva.

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