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In Russia showed how sank the Kerch bridge

В России показали как просел Керченский мост Due to the fact that the bridge sagged seriously, parts of it don’t connect.

The Network confirmed the information about the problem with the construction of the Kerch bridge to Crimea, where one of the sites due to subsidence are unable to connect the two parts of engineering structures.

The Russian builders not only issued a denial, but decided to go the extra mile and closed cloth on the problem area of construction. The corresponding picture was published, users have made screenshot with cameras, the process of construction of the bridge.

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The photo shows how a previously bare area was closed with a special fabric to make it impossible to set the size inconsistencies because of the sagging supports.

Engineers and geologists claim that the construction of the bridge will result in big problems during operation, as the clay foundations can “swim” if you increase the load on the bridge from road and rail transport.

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