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In Russia shared an unpleasant forecast

В России поделились неприятным прогнозом It concerns Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin may attempt to consolidate Russian society on the eve of presidential elections in Russia through the Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by President of the Russian public movement “Union of Right Forces” Leonid Gozman.

He noted that Putin does not suit the image of the hero-a peacemaker if he would end the war in the Donbass as a war against Ukraine a more efficient method.

“We have elections in 2018, Putin majority is not motivated to vote at all, because victory is a foregone conclusion, because the euphoria of Crimea took place, because our lives are heavy. They just don’t go to vote. They go to vote, if there is very strong consolidation. Than it provide? War is good consolidation. Moreover, the war “for a cause”, “fair”. We “protect” Russian, which “persecuted Ukrainian fascists” who are “not allowed to speak Russian” and so on,” – said Gozman.

In his opinion, in Russia a little sleep anti-heat, however, the situation, the Kremlin will be able to “fix” with another fake of Russian propaganda, or consolidate Russians using slogans like “punch a corridor to Crimea.”

“Today, on the first place among Russia’s enemies – the United States, then – Ukraine and Poland. Worryingly, now for the consolidation, I’m afraid it is not enough to fight off a “Russian” Donbass “Ukrainian fascists”. Now for consolidation already have something “free” – Melitopol, something else. Needs to be a success long success. Offensive operations are the easiest to conduct in the summer – in this sense, is a dangerous moment. But the war for the purpose of consolidation companies could be more useful closer to winter than now”, – said Russian politician.

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