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In Russia, released the first production digital cameras Zenit M

В России выпущены первые серийные цифровые камеры Zenit M

In the Moscow region by Krasnogorsk plant named after Zverev (part of the Russian holding “Schwabe” state Corporation rostec) October 5, 2018 submitted the first production copy of the new digital rangefinder camera Zenit M. the Camera is equipped with a new, developed in Russia original optics.

As you know, in our country there was no manufacture of digital cameras, but the domestic enterprises did not undertake to compete with the flooded country to foreign brands. At the same time Russia continued to carry out the development of modern optical instruments of the world level. To make up for the lost years and faster to bring to market a new product, it was decided to use for the first in the 21st century digital “Zenit” camera model foreign production Leica M (Type 240), slightly changing its design and software. The design of the new camera drew in the Russian company “SmirnovDesign” (SmirnovDesign), and the lens was created by Krasnogorsk plant named after Zverev. Zenitar 35 mm f/1.0 – so it is called, creates not requiring processing of the image with a unique bokeh* effect of soft-focus.

The first batch of 500 cameras Zenit M will go on sale in Russia in January 2019. Also, company representatives reported that on the basis of experience decide what to produce next — SLR camera or a new rangefinder. For new cameras the finished lenses of the series “Zenitar” and “Helios”, including those developed from scratch.

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