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In Russia recorded growth of demand for credit top smartphones

Published statistics on the demand for the smartphones of various price segments in the territory of our country, and a separate line is information about top gadgets, taken on credit. Everything seemed to be already aware of the potential danger of borrowing money from the Bank in the era of stability of the Russian economy, however, demand for credit is the flagship in the country received a sharp increase.

Reportedly, sales of smartphones credit a cost of 40,000 rubles and above increased by 2 times. For example, a single operator of all smartphones sold more 40,000 rubles 60% sold on credit, and this is also a twofold increase in just a year. Analysts are trying to explain is the reluctance of Russians to buy cheap gadgets, does advertised on TV, on the background of falling income, guided by the phrase “I am not so rich to buy cheap things”, but actually, it’s like a feast during the plague and the desire to demonstrate to others their ability to pay, flashing the phone at a cost of two salaries.

Other major distribution networks, as well as the shops of other operators also report about the growth of credit sales leaders from top brands, and often their choice falls on products of Samsung, Apple and Huawei of China.

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