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In Russia proposed a new principle for obtaining citizenship

В РФ предложили новый принцип получения гражданстваThe bill of authorship of the controversial former”Prosecutor of Crimea” has passed the first stage approval.

In the State Duma of Russia has prepared a bill that makes it difficult to obtain a residence permit and entry into the Russian nationality “Russian speakers” who are citizens of Ukraine.

This is stated in the explanatory note to the document. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The bill, in particular, proposes to give the Russian citizenship “by right of the soil”, that is, those born in Russia or anyone in the country had relatives in the direct ascending line.

The possibility of obtaining citizenship “by right of soil,” the bill provides only for “native speakers”. Confirm this status needs a special Commission.

According to current laws, to claim the status of “native speakers” only those who are permanently residing on the territory of Russia, as well as those who lived, or whose relatives in direct ascending line lived in the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire within the modern Russian border.

The bill also provides that “Russian speakers” would not have to provide a document from the “authorized body of a foreign state” certifying the release from any other citizenship.

“The procedure for obtaining a residence permit and the citizenship of the Russian Federation made dependent on foreign regulations, from voluntarism to foreign officials, political issues and current relationship? between Russia? and Strano? citizenship native Russian language”, – stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

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The document has already been approved by the relevant Committee of Parliament and recommended for consideration. Date of consideration of amendments in the first reading is not yet established.

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