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In Russia, kidnapped and tortured the employee of Amnesty International

В России похитили и пытали работника Amnesty InternationalEmployee human rights defenders threatened with death.

The human rights organization Amnesty International Oleg Kozlovsky, who watched in Ingushetia for the protests, said that on October 6 in Magas, he was kidnapped by armed men in masks. This he after the liberation wrote in his microblog in Twitter.

According to Kozlowski, the kidnappers introduced themselves as employees of the Center on counteraction to extremism of the regional interior Ministry, but did not present any documents. They have taken Kozlovsky outside of Magas, where he was forced to strip naked and twice threatened to kill. They are offered strictly to become their informant and when he refused, was taken to North Ossetia. He was threatened with murder of his wife and children if he will tell about the incident.

According to Oleg Kozlovsky, Moscow he was able to return on 7 October. He immediately appealed to the Investigative Committee, but has not yet received a response from the Agency. Now Kozlowski family is abroad, but in the future intends to return to Russia.

It is known that on October 4, Magas held a protest against the agreement between Ingushetia and Chechnya on the boundary. The document implies an equivalent exchange of territories. Residents insist that this question brought to a referendum.

В России похитили и пытали работника Amnesty International

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