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In Russia, invented to replace Meldonium

В России придумали, чем заменить мельдонийIt is not one but several drugs.

Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA) found a replacement melidoniou, said the head of the organization Vladimir Uiba.

According to him, is not one but several drugs. They are not banned and work significantly better than Meldonium. “Because they are not prohibited, we Meldonium is no longer relevant, that is, we are about Meldonium can forget,” — said Uiba.

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World anti-doping Agency (WADA) included Meldonium to the list of prohibited substances from January 1, 2016. As a result of more than a dozen well-known Russian athletes were suspended from competition due to positive doping tests on this drug.

It was later revealed that the period of withdrawal of substances from the body quite long and not exactly known. In April, WADA has established a threshold concentration of Meldonium in the body of an athlete.

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Most convicted of using the drug was pardoned.

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