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In Russia increased the number of irregular drug users

В России выросло число нерегулярных потребителей наркотиков

In Russia the number of drug users who use psychoactive substances, but not always. The share of people with a diagnosis of “addiction” is reduced. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to the study of the Institute of sociology.

The document notes that such people “give the appearance of law-abiding citizens,” care with the drug choose more safe variants, do not attract the attention of the police and doctors. They developed a strategy-deterrence, do not suffer from physical dependence, but recognize the psychological. Due to this mechanism they are able to maintain their social status, however, they are difficult to identify and quantify.

Professor National scientific center of narcology of a name Serbian Tatyana Klimenko specifies that irregular consumers usually have difficulties in the family or at work because of their addictions, but they don’t see or don’t want to see these problems.

The danger of occasional consumption of illicit substances is that in 10-15 years it develops into an addiction, says the head of the Department of psychiatry, narcology and psychotherapy RUDN Alexander Berezkin. According to him, about 80 percent of the citizens with a heavy dependence started with “light” drugs. “The body adapts to the drug, therefore, it is necessary to increase the dose, or look for new substances. The transition to hard drugs — only a matter of time,” he says.

Head of the sector of sociology of deviant behavior of the Institute of sociology Margarita Pozdnyakova adds that the absence of physical manifestations based on forcing specialists to develop alternative methods of social control for “new addicts”.

The study wounds were stuck in 2013-2018, the survey involved more than 10 thousand people, including schoolchildren and students. Also conducted Internet monitoring and data analysis law enforcement agencies.

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