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In Russia for the first time imposed penalty on the resonance article on fake news

В России впервые назначено наказание по резонансной статье о фейковых новостях

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For the first time in Russia the court appointed fines in the high-profile article about the fake news that appeared in the administrative code this spring. As reported TASS, a fine of 200 thousand rubles assigned to the network edition “Publishing house “Moment of truth”” and his editor Eugene Gneushev fined 60 thousand rubles.

The subject of the trial was revealed by Roskomnadzor in August on the YouTube videos network edition (“Urgent! Russia prepares Maidan revolution” and a few rollers — approx. TASS), and hyperlinks on the newspaper’s website on these videos. According to the case materials, the Prosecutor General’s office made demands for restricting access to sites, where they were placed rollers.

Representatives of Roskomnadzor in the course of the hearing clarified that the administrative stuff was made in respect of legal entities and officials in September. “Essentially, the offense can say that received a request of the General Prosecutor’s office on these videos,” — said the representative of Roskomnadzor, who made the Protocol. According to him, the representative of the legal person with an offence agreed. Chief editor of web edition and a representative of ID in court was not.


On 18 March, the Russian President signed a law providing for the lock unreliable and distorting the facts (fake) news. It supplements the list of information to which access may be restricted at the request of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation or his deputies. The law has imposed fines for spreading fake news. Part 9 of article 13.15. Administrative code prescribes punishment in the form of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount from 30 thousand to 100 thousand rubles with confiscation subject of an administrative offence or without that; on officials — from 60 thousand to 200 thousand rubles; on legal entities — from 200 thousand to 500 thousand rubles.

One of the reasons for any such changes in legislation were the actions of Ukrainian prankster known as Evgeniy Volnov, who during a fire in the Kemerovo “Winter cherry” spreading false information about the number of victims that almost led to riots.

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