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In Russia fined the pensioner appeal to Putin

В России оштрафовали пенсионерку за обращение к ПутинуThe actions of an elderly woman discovered a serious undermining of public order.

In Tomsk the summer woman-the pensioner was fined 5,000 rubles for violating rules for holding public events. The violation consisted in the fact that the pensioner Rimma Kruts took part in the recording of the 40-second video message to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

As reports Radio Freedom, a place write a short treatment was the area in front of the regional administration. The police, however, accused the woman of “the organization of the rally” as a resident of Tomsk brought balloons.

As reported the correspondent of the edition mark Podberezin in Tomsk fined for a civil action for four pensioner. Video message to Putin was written in the summer. The protesters expressed support for the President in his fight against corruption and asked me to send to the city Commission to investigate illegal actions of local officials.

Full text of the letter to the President, the protesters sent into the sky by balloons.

The event was attended by 13 women from Tomsk. They have banded together to seek truth and justice, – told the correspondent of “Radio Liberty” one of the activists, Galina Shergin. She explained that through public events, they struggle with corrupt officials and so-called “werewolves in epaulets”.

A video recorded specially for a straight line with the President, because their petitions were not considered. After the court decision in the Tomsk branch of the movement “Open Russia” declared that will pay the penalty for the pensioner. Earlier penalties other participants of the action were paid for by donations of citizens.

First, I received a fine for violating the rules of holding mass events was 57-year-old Galina Shergin, she was sentenced to a fine in the amount of 20 000 rubles.

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