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In Russia figured out how to dismiss did not serve in the army officials

В РФ придумали, как увольнять не служивших в армии чиновниковThey will be deprived of certain privileges.

Russian officials, having evaded mandatory service in the army, forbidden to hold public posts for ten years, said the amendments to the law on military duty, signed by Vladimir Putin.

If the recruiting office, checking of this or that official, figures out that without a legitimate reason is not passed military service on an appeal, the chief of the objector, will have to fire him, said the law now.

Who is a conscientious objector?

Putin signed the document introduces additional items in several articles of the Federal law “On military duty and military service”, which regulates military records, military service and other aspects of the relationship of citizens with compulsory military service.

The objector in accordance with the current law is any man who has not passed military service or alternative service before attaining 27 years without a legitimate reason.

Legitimate reasons for exemption are considered, in particular, the cases of persons found unfit or partially fit for military service. Also are exempted from the service people with an academic degree and the relatives of soldiers who died in the line of duty.

Who and how will check officials?

The first paragraph of the amendments to the law places the responsibility for inspection officials on the military. In the near future in the state and municipal departments of the military will come to the agenda with the requirement to verify employees, which the military considered evading military service.

Upon receipt of such summons the Minister is now obliged to notify the draft Board of resignation of the employee from office or to give military information about on what basis the employee is not served, including the date and number of meetings of the drafting Commission, which the recruit was released from service.

If such evidence, the Agency is unable to provide official and recognized by the objector at a special meeting of the Commission of the military enlistment office, he loses his job and right to hold public office for the next 10 years.

While officials risk losing their jobs, are allowed to attend meetings of commissions and on the basis of available official documents to prove that the deviators, they are not. Also already recognized by the objector, the official may submit a complaint to the Commission’s decision.

Putin signed amendments fully available on the portal of legal information.

At the second attempt

Initially, the bill was introduced in the state Duma in 2015. Among its initiators in addition to other stated Senator Franz Klintsevich, 2015 working as the Deputy Chairman of the Duma defense Committee, the current Committee Chairman Viktor Zavarzin, a Deputy Chairman of the Committee Andrei Krasov.

Similar amendments to the law on conscription have tried to make in 2014. Then they introduced a lifetime ban on public service for officials evaders. The amendments were adopted, but then repealed by the constitutional court after she complained to members of the Chechen Parliament.

In 2016, the Duma Committee on defence has reported sokrashenii numbers to evade the military service of the Russians. Andrei Krasov in an interview with the Agency TASS said that their number decreased from 235 thousand to 104 thousand persons for 2014-2015.

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