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In Russia, every fifth company incurs losses

В России каждая пятая компания несет убытки

This follows from published on the financial results of 2.5 million Russian companies. Experts link the situation with the economic downturn and tax fraud.

Almost every fifth company in Russia (19 percent) were unprofitable. This follows from the financial results of 2.5 million Russian companies for 2017, which is published by the Federal tax service (FNS), the Agency RBC on Thursday, October 4.

According to these data, approximately 27 percent ended last year with zero profit and another 25 percent with zero income and expenses, mainly those which, although not closed, but it is not needed owners.

Experts attribute this partly to the economic downturn and partly with tax fraud. This is the second wave of large-scale disclosure of data on Russian business, which in 2016 was withdrawn by the regime of tax secrecy.

The average income of the Russian companies amounted to 51.2 million roubles, and expenses – 50,2 million roubles. Among companies with positive financial result, the average profit of 6 million. The average net loss of unprofitable enterprises amounted to 11.8 million rubles.

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