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In Russia created the first red dot sight for heavy machine guns

In Russia developed the first reflex sight for heavy machine guns. It will help to hit the target when firing from a helicopter, boats or vehicles.


  • В России создан первый коллиматорный прицел для крупнокалиберных пулемётовRostec / RIA Novosti
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    The sight was developed by the specialists of the holding company Ruselectronics, a part of rostec state Corporation. As reported in the press service of Rostec, the reflex sight has a high resistance to impact and shock loads. Another effective feature – increased speed of aiming and shooting accuracy.

    The essence of the action collimator sight that he creates in the field of view of the glowing arrow mark. Thanks to her, the fighter can track a specific target in the dark and in bright sunlight, at any angle and at any distance from the eyepiece. Besides, the sight is indispensable when shooting the moving objects as the output window provides a wide field of view of 20 degrees.

    Collimator sights are used to facilitate and speed up the aiming. They are widely used in the armies of all countries of the world, civil, arrows, athletes, hunters. The principle is simple – it is necessary to combine a light mark on the glass of the sight and the target. To close one eye when it is unnecessary. A fighter can shoot once threw up his arms. It also improves the aiming at the time of the maneuver, that is, on the move or on the run.

    New sighting system of the Russian Federation have an advantage over laser. New Russian scopes do not limit the field of view of a soldier. In addition, a significant disadvantage of laser sights is the fact that the purpose might notice at a point that unmasks the shooter.

    An obvious disadvantage of the laser designator is that the enemy often sees the aiming point. In the end, determine the direction and source of fire. Naturally, this unmasks the shooter. And, of course, the distance of the aiming laser pointer is very modest – about 10-20 m, then the beam dissipated.

    As said in “Roselektronika”, the sight is designed specifically for mounted heavy automatic weapon – a machine gun “KORD” 12.7 mm. With it, the fighter will be able to control and hit targets at a distance of over one thousand metres. Trials have shown that the accuracy increases.

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